Looking for a
high efficiency
floor cleaning machine?

Meet Eureka E50 scrubber dryer:

  • 2,150 m²/h of spotless cleanliness
  • 50 cm cleaning path

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• 2,150 m²/h sạch không tì vết
• Đường kính pad chà 50 cm

Discover Eureka E50 walk-behind industrial scrubber-dryer.

A compact design machine for perfect results in everyday floor cleaning.

2in1 OFF ON OFF ON Min. Max.


A powerful motor generates the highest brush pressure on the market in a 500 mm machine, delivering fantastic results. High-capacity tanks maximise productivity and scrub time, and battery charging is fast, safe, and simple with the on-board charger.

2in1 OFF ON OFF ON Min. Max.


The E50 has a cleaning width of 50 cm which, combined with a 4.3 km/h speed, boasts an area coverage of up to 2150 m2/h. It is available with a 24 V battery system or mains power cord. A walk behind auto-scrubber that is perfectly adapted for the everyday cleaning of high traffic environments.

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